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Reminder: Political Parties Are Granfalloons, and So Is America

November 13, 2016 by


There is far more that divides America than unites us—and that’s all right. There is more that divides women than unites women. There is more that divides immigrants than unites immigrants. And there’s more that divides any single political party than unites it. And that’s all right—because a cohesive collective of human beings is by […]

Women Know Exactly What Kind of Man Donald Trump Is

October 13, 2016 by


He’s the kind of man you’d feel pity for if you weren’t so repulsed. He’s the kind of man who, as Michelle Obama put it, “stands just a little too close, stares a little too long so you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.” He’s the kind of man whom women don’t like to be […]

Bill Clinton and the Vast Feminist Conspiracy

June 11, 2016 by


The greatest trick Bill Clinton ever pulled was convincing the world to forget about Juanita Broaddrick. In 2014, Larry King claimed he’d never even heard of Juanita Broaddrick. “Hold up,” King told conservative TV host Steve Malzberg. “Stop! Bill Clinton was accused of rape?” It’s a pretty piece of devilry. As Bill Cosby slumps pathetically in […]

In Defense of a Weiner

June 12, 2011 by


Anthony Weiner’s exhausted public relations team announced this weekend that the congressman is entering a “treatment center” to “focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person.” The announcement comes in the wake of recent revelations that Rep. Weiner was communicating privately on Twitter with a 17-year-old Delaware girl. Though leaked messages from Weiner’s exchange […]

The Lady and the Limbaugh

February 22, 2011 by


On his Monday show, Rush Limbaugh criticized the First Lady’s efforts to encourage Americans to eat healthy and exercise. Okay, fine: Limbaugh’s not the first person to express annoyance or skepticism over Michelle Obama’s wellness initiatives. But Limbaugh, being Limbaugh, had to go a step further: “The problem is, and dare I say this, it […]

A Problem Like Sarah

February 16, 2011 by


On Monday, The Daily Caller published two very different columns on Sarah Palin’s feminism—and thus demonstrated why Palin’s maybe-feminism is such a problem for the traditional conservative movement, and, more significantly, for Sarah Palin herself. Early Monday morning, Daily Caller reporter Caroline May posted: “Are Conservative Women Like Sarah Palin Feminists? Phyllis Schlafly Says ‘No’.” […]