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Another Perspective on the “Good Old Days”

April 29, 2011


Megan McArdle, responding to Paul Krugman’s and Jim Manzi’s reminiscence of the “glory days” of 1960s middle class life, points out that that golden period in American history was made possible by (among other things) gender inequality: Maybe it’s because I grew up later than either Manzi or Krugman; maybe it’s because I grew up […]

Wilkinson on Libertarianism and Sexism

February 24, 2011


Will Wilkinson’s response to Bryan Caplan’s call for examples of the “libertarian penumbra,” or views held by many libertarians which have little to do with liberty, is on the money: I’ll add patriotism and an inclination to traffic in bullshit evolutionary psych just-so stories, especially the bullshit just-so stories that rationalize sexist norms. I thought […]