What Harvey Weinstein’s Statement Should Have Said

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If only Lisa Bloom had a brain….

Effective immediately I am resigning from The Weinstein Company because, as you have now read in The New York Times, I am not a good man.

I am extraordinarily proud of The Weinstein Company. I am proud of the work my brother Bob and I have done. We have done good work.

But I have not been a good man.

I must belatedly apologize to the many, many women over the years with whom I have behaved inappropriately—most of whom are not mentioned in The New York Times. I took advantage of my powerful position in Hollywood to coerce beautiful women into taking part in my sexual fantasies. I did it because I wanted to and because I knew I could—that some of the women would oblige me, some would refuse but remain polite to protect their careers, and any others I could appease with cash settlements.

That is the truth. I am in therapy, and my therapists encourage me to be honest.

I have not been a good man.

All I can offer, besides my immediate resignation, is honesty, apology, and a pledge to change—though I can’t pretend there is nobility in deciding to change only when I’m finally caught.

I will tell you that the experience of having my bad deeds read back to me and revealed to the world has been a painful and mortifying experience. It has forced me to admit to myself, my therapists, my family, and here to the public that I have not been a good man. I would like to be a better human being. I have long known that I will die proud of the work I have done; but I would also like to die proud of the man I have been—even if only for the final quarter of my life.

I have apologized here to the women whom I have hurt, and I will apologize again privately to each of them separately. I would also like to apologize to everyone at The Weinstein Company, to my friends, and to my family. I have let down everyone important in my life, and I’m afraid that people’s reputations will be permanently stained because of their associations to me. That is a terrible thing to live with, and is another reason I swear to change.

The Weinstein Company has accepted my resignation.



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