LEGOs For Everyone?

Posted on April 20, 2012 by


LEGO recently decided to expand their product line to appeal more directly to young girls. Sounds good, right? WRONG.

The new LEGO sets have curvier female figures, pink colors, and domestic settings—and they’re already the target of a pretty silly witch-hunt by feminist group the SPARK Movement. SPARK claims the sets promote a sexist, antiquated image of femininity and that the female figures are hypersexualized because of their curves.

Joshua Rhett Miller has a good piece on Fox News about SPARK’s angsty campaign against LEGO. He quotes me here:

“I understand that they’re offended by the limited, old-fashioned way in which LEGO has feminized the new line — with traditional feminine characters and colors — but they should embrace the fact that LEGO is providing new choices for families and children,” said Nicole Ciandella, whose blog,, regularly takes on issues like gender, politics and economics.

“SPARK seems to oppose any expression of traditional, old-fashioned femininity, but why? Shouldn’t parents have the option of purchasing toys that express traditional masculinity, traditional femininity, and everything in between?”

LEGO isn’t suggesting that girls be limited to playing with traditionally-feminine toys, but is instead giving parents options, Ciandella said.

“The beauty of the free market is that it enables consumers to make their own choices about the environments they wish to create in their own homes.”

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