Apparently, We’re Unhappy . . .

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This National Post column about how Facebook exacerbates unhappiness—because seeing photoshopped pics of your friends partying is, like, totally depressing—takes an odd turn when the author talks about the effect Facebook has on women:

Facebook one-upsmanship may have particular implications for women. As Meghan O’Rourke has noted in Slate, women’s happiness has been at an all-time low in recent years. O’Rourke and two University of Pennsylvania economists who have studied the male-female happiness gap argue that women’s collective discontent may be due to too much choice and second-guessing — unforeseen fallout, they speculate, of the way our roles have evolved over the last half-century. As the economists put it, “The increased opportunity to succeed in many dimensions may have led to an increased likelihood in believing that one’s life is not measuring up.”

If you’re already inclined to compare your own decisions to those of other women and to find yours wanting, believing that others are happier with their choices than they actually are is likely to increase your own sense of inadequacy.

So . . . women are suffering from “too much choice”? Who knew!

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